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Let me tell you: the cliffhanger, the tenterhooks, this business of leaving off at the really exciting bit and making me wait until the next issue? It totally works.   DarkCargo.com

Aethernet: a true must read.  If the first issue showed promise, this started delivering big time and I really want issue 3… FantasyBookCritic.com

The writers concerned are so damn good… SFCrowsnest.com


Nowadays, fiction is instantly available. There are many short fiction magazines available for download, you can download a story collection in eBook form and be reading it in under a minute.

Aethernet Magazine aims to satisfy a different need. Aethernet Magazine is aiming to reintroduce the pleasures of delayed gratification. Aethernet Magazine stands for the slow burn, the building excitement of waiting to see how a story plays out. We want to reintroduce the pleasure of the cliffhanger ending; the gradual reveal on lives building up to a bigger picture; the leisurely float down the river leading to some mysterious destination.

Our stories are presented over time. Aethernet Magazine is here to help you rediscover the pleasure of anticipation…

Aethernet Magazine will run for 12 issues. The first issue went on sale on 30th March 2013, subsequent issues are on sale on the first of the month from May 2013 onwards. Aethernet Magazine is published as an ebook in mobi, epub and pdf formats.

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